RMBI Alumni Sharing From Campus to Career: Sharing from a Recent RMBI Graduate

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RMBI Alumni Sharing From Campus to Career: Sharing from a Recent RMBI Graduate

In the last week of October, we had the pleasure of welcoming back one of our recent alumni, Mr. Thomas Chan (Class of 2022), to campus for a sharing session with our current RMBI students. Thomas not only shared his experiences during his study with RMBI, but also provided invaluable advice on how to navigate the career and internship landscape.

What made the evening truly special was the connection Thomas built with our RMBI students. He understood their needs and spoke to them in a way that resonated deeply. During the Q&A session, the students raised many questions and discussions that went on and on. It was clear that Thomas' words had struck a chord with them. The atmosphere was electric, and it was a joyful and fruitful evening for both the students and the speaker.

We are grateful to Thomas for his time and for inspiring RMBIers to pursue their passions!

"Thomas' talk really resonated with all of us as RMBI students. His authentic experience in dealing with uncertainty in the workplace provided a unique perspective on the real world of work. What stood out to us was his personal experience of making a real impact by carrying out data-handling solutions during his internship, which led to further internship offers from a prestigious firm. I was truly impressed by the way he commits himself to every opportunity and puts himself in uncomfortable environments to build adaptability and flexibility in dealing with uncertainties. 

As a freshman, I found it valuable to learn from alumni's real experiences, and Thomas' talk was a perfect start for me. It was a great reminder of the importance of hard work, determination, and a passion for exploring infinite possibilities in achieving goals."

HE Ka Shing, Jackson, Year 1 in BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence, HKUST