Option Declaration

The RMBI Program offers Option Declaration for students to have specialization in Financial Technology area. Student may opt to graduate with or without an option.

Students who take an option MUST complete all requirements specified in addition to the major requirements.

Financial Technology Option

Required Course(s)


  Credit(s) attained
ISOM/ IEDA Note: ISOM 3350 OR IEDA 4500 3
ISOM 3350 FinTech and Cryptoventures 3
IEDA 4500 Engineering Foundations of FinTech 3

Elective Course(s)


  Minimum credit(s) required
RMBI / FINA / ISOM / COMP/ MATH Financial Technology Electives (Courses from the specified elective list. Courses taken as Major Electives may not be counted toward this requirement) 6
RMBI 4220 Life Contingencies Models and Insurance Risk 3
FINA 4713 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Finance 3
ISOM 3000B Blockchain Entrepreneurship for Social Impact 3
ISOM 3340 Developing AI Applications 1
ISOM 4020 Innovation Management and Technology Entrepreneurship 3
ISOM 4200 Information and Cyber Security Management 3
ISOM 4530 Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in R/S-plus 4
COMP 3211 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 3
COMP 3632 Principles of Cybersecurity 3
COMP 4221 Introduction to Natural Language Processing 3
COMP 4632 Practicing Cybersecurity: Attacks and Counter-measures 3
COMP 4911 IT Entrepreneurship 3
MATH 4514 Financial Economics in Actuarial Science 3

Option Declaration

Students are required to indicate their preference (e.g. with or without option) in Year 2 Spring during the Option Declaration Exercise.